Six of Alima's popular vegetarian dishes.

6 Of Our Best Selling Vegetarian Dishes

At Alima’s Roti and Pastry, we are honoured to serve a delightful mix of authentic flavours from the Caribbean, and a few non-Caribbean items that pair wonderfully with our signature flatbreads. For food enthusiasts, Alima’s offers a variety of dishes that can make your taste buds dance. Today, let’s explore the six best-selling vegetarian curries …

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The Perfect Hostess Gifts from Alima’s

The Perfect Hostess Gifts from Alima’s

Alima’s Roti and Pastry is your go-to destination for delectable treats that will make the perfect hostess gifts. Whether you’re attending a holiday party, a family dinner, or a festive get-together, our menu has something for every occasion. Avoid spending countless hours in the kitchen and select your favourite platter that will make you the …

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Sweet Treats

Our Favourite Sweet Treats

At Alima’s our favourite sweet treats, from traditional Trinidadian Barfi to mouthwatering Raspberry Coconut Squares, our pastry haven has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. So, let’s dive right in and explore the incredible flavours that make Alima’s a destination for those who crave authentic, mouthwatering sweets. Barfi – A Taste of Tradition Barfi is …

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Alima's lunch box lineup.

Back-to-School With Alima’s Lunch Box Lineup!

Lunchtime just got an Alima’s upgrade! Our Lunch Box Lineup offers a tantalizing collection of Caribbean favourites that will make your taste buds happy! Each item is prepackaged and individually frozen, ensuring a quick and easy meal option that’s perfect for school, work, or any time you crave a Caribbean-inspired feast. Chicken Pies Unbox the …

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Reheating Alima's goat curr

Reheating Alima’s Frozen Food Items

Those who have used Alima’s frozen food items know how amazingly fresh the food is after it is reheated. However, not everyone enjoys the best experience and the best food taste. Why? Because when thawing and reheating they do not always follow best practices. This article gives some basic advice on how our foods should …

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Eat Easy products display

Is it cheaper and easier to use Alima’s Eat-Easy meals?

What are our ‘Eat-Easy’ meals?   These are pre-packaged, freshly frozen curries, stews, chokas, dal etc, both vegetarian and meat, plus our famous parathas and dhalpuris. They contain no artificial flavors nor any preservatives. We have produced these especially for busy moms and dads, young professionals, and students. Alima’s Eat-Easy meals have become a hit …

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Cottage Collection

Alima’s Cottage Collection

Perfect pre-packed items for your next cottage adventure! The COVID-19 pandemic has pulled the brakes on vacation travel outside of Canada. Now everyone is trying to vacation locally to the point where it is almost impossible to get a good Ontario cottage to rent. Those who are lucky enough own a cottage, or get one …

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