Tomato choka in a bowl and raw tomatoes, pepper and garlic on side

Eating Caribbean on the go!

With a million and one things to do sharing a meal with your family can be hard; and a traditional meal? even harder. Basketball practice today 8 a.m.; meeting with your boss 12.00 noon; Parent Group meeting 6.00 pm. For families living in this busy world time is at a premium and eating awholesome meal …

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Dhalpuris rolled on wooden board

Thank YOU!

We couldn’t have done it without our dear customers. It is an incredible fact that Alima’s grew from a two-person operation to what it is today; twenty years later, without any traditional advertising, except for the very first few months when we had an 8×11 flyer posted on the notice board of a local meat …

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lamb curry on top of rice in a bowl and onion on side

Curry for Thanksgiving? Yes! 

It’s how we do it in the Caribbean. Celebrations throughout the English speaking Caribbean are not quite complete without curry being central on the menu. Whether is it vegetarian, or goat or lamb or beef or chicken, curry is an all-time favourite and is a must-have to make the occasion complete. Baked turkey is iconic …

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