Dhalpuris rolled on wooden board

Thank YOU!

We couldn’t have done it without our dear customers.

It is an incredible fact that Alima’s grew from a two-person operation to what it is today; twenty years later, without any traditional advertising, except for the very first few months when we had an 8×11 flyer posted on the notice board of a local meat shop, and over the last year, when we decided to advertise in a couple of local newspapers.

In all those years when we did no traditional advertising, the more powerful advertising was done by our very loyal customer base by ‘word-of-mouth’, and for this we are forever grateful.

Customers get attached to a business and would put their name behind it if that business has earned their trust and confidence.

To do this, a business has to have a good product, be consistent in their quality, and offer good and reliable customer service. At Alima’s we have managed to achieve this to a fair degree. For example, all our foods, rotis, curries, pastry, breads, and sweets are made strictly by recipe, with no variation allowed, and all ingredients are digitally measured, even to salt added to a pot. We do make mistakes sometimes, but that’s being human, I guess.

In terms of customer service, here is one aspect of the business we take great care with; our opening hour has been 9.00 am for twenty years, and in all those years, we have opened late we reckon only four times; three of those time were between one to three minutes late, and the other time was because of a severe snowfall.

By offering this information we do not mean to blow our own trumpet but to inspire the young entrepreneurs in our midst.

We take this opportunity on this beautiful summer day to say to our dear and beloved customers – “Thank you! You have been great!”

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