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Kitchen and Bakery

We make a wide variety food items including ‘bakery’ items. We have two work areas, one which handles items cooked in pots and another area where baked goods are prepared.
Persons are usually hired for one of these two areas but at times the functions may overlap.
Heavy lifting up to 40 lbs is sometimes required for both areas. 

Customer Service

The main functions of this area is to take orders from customers either across the counter or on the phone, prepare the order for delivery (no cooking involved) and to cash out the customer. Good English is required. This function involves answering customer queries. At times light packaging is carried out. Some staff in this area are assistants and might not interface with customers.

Office, Accounting and IT

Office functions include Accounting, Purchasing and IT.

We have a growing online presence with two online stores developed and supported by in-house staff. Office staff will also manage Online Chat lines and telephone lines to support customers who may want help with placing online orders.

Warehouse, Handyman/Maintenance, Cleaning, Driving.

The Warehouse Management, Handyman/Maintenance and Cleaning jobs are part time at the moment. A full time cleaning job (deep cleaning) may be available for the right applicant.

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