Tomato choka in a bowl and raw tomatoes, pepper and garlic on side

Eating Caribbean on the go!

With a million and one things to do sharing a meal with your family can be hard; and a traditional meal? even harder.

Basketball practice today 8 a.m.; meeting with your boss 12.00 noon; Parent Group meeting 6.00 pm. For families living in this busy world time is at a premium and eating awholesome meal is hard; eating a wholesome ‘back-home’ meal is even harder!

Alima’s has introduced a line of freshly frozen meal items which makes preparing a quick, healthy meal very easy.

Here are some meal tips that will help you get a meal onthe table without having to resort to fast-food.

1.  PlanAhead : Spend time prepping your meals on the weekend. Planning on doing astir-fry? Pre-cut your vegetables over the weekend and keep them in freezerbags. Got leftovers? Try wrapping it in a whole wheat paratha for lunch thenext day.

2.  Cookgrains in large batches . It’s just as easy to make three cups of rice as itis one. Use the grains as a base for any of Alima’s Eat-Easy stews, chokas, orcurries. Reheat and serve with your choice of pepper sauce or achar.

3.  Stock upon your herbs . Dried thyme, basil, mint, parsley or even oregano cantransform any dish or leftover. Try adding your favourite herbs to our tomato choka and tossing it with pasta for a dish your kids will love.

4.  Keep our convenience-pack dhal puri or paratha in the freezer . At dinner time toss them in the microwave and eat with some tuna or fried eggs andcall it dinner.

5.  Don’t forgetthe dhal . Whether you eat it with roti or over some rice, dhal is acultural staple. Our freshly frozen is perfect way to quickly get a meal on the table. It’s also a great nutritious boost to your soup on a cold winter’s day.

We hope these tips will make your meal prep easy this week! Be sure to check out Alima’s Eat-Easy line here:



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