Pepper pot with bread slices

A few dishes to SPICE up your holidays! 

These traditional Caribbean Christmas dishes will add flavour and wonder to your holiday gathering.

The key ingredient to any great holiday party is most certainlythe food. With so much on your to-do list we are happy to help you take your food offerings up another level with these simple Caribbean favourites.

Roti and curry bites!
Want to serve an appetizerthat’s a little different but still full of flavor? Try wrapping strips of rotiaround a few pieces of your favourite curry and securing with a cocktailtoothpick.

Black cake dessert.
Christmas in the Caribbeanis often filled with all different kinds of cakes, in Guyana black cake isChristmas tradition enjoyed by many. This Christmas, serve your Alima’s blackcake with vanilla ice cream for an added wow factor. It can also be usedbetween fruits to make a delicious fruit kebab.

A circle of appetizers .
Create a tray ofappetizers made from polourie or potato balls served with three differentdipping sauce – tamarind, mango achar or lime infused mango sour.

Amped up brunch!
Instead of the regular brunch staples, take things up a notch by adding pepper pot to the menu. Served with a side of freshly baked bread it’s sure to satisfy hungry tummies!

Sweet-tooth happiness.
Heading over to an event and need the perfect hostess gift? Create a scrumptious desert tray using our guava turnovers, raspberry coconut squares, cassava pone and our currant rolls. You can also cut our chewy cassava pone into tiny hor d’oeuvres, it’s vegetarian and perfect for everyone!

All of these delicious Caribbean treats are available to order from Alima’s! Be sure to get a head start on things by placing your orders early.

Happy holiday eating!


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