Roti wrap with chicken

Eat-Easy dishes perfect for your lunch box!

A few of our favorite Eat-Easy dishes that we love for lunch.

Binged too much during the holidays? Our selection of Eat-Easy dishes will have you eating healthy and hearty at lunch this year!

Here’s our top four lunch box favourites that’s perfect for theentire family!

1.  Ready Wraps X2
These individually wrapped paratha or dhalpuri sandwiches are the perfectaddition to any lunch box! With two individually wrapped sandwiches in beef or chicken, one package of these delicious wraps is all you need for the day.

2.  Plantain & Cassava with Salt Fish
Sautéed cassava and plantain is served with salted fish cooked in onions. This dish is the perfect choice on days you’re going gluten-free.

3.  Whole Wheat Paratha
Looking for an easy sandwich wrap? Try our whole wheat parathas, they workgreat with sunflower butter and banana, a combination your little ones are sureto LOVE!

4.  Soya Chunks Curry
This simple yet delicious combination is a perfect addition to any vegetarian’sdiet or for meat lovers that need a palate cleanser. Try it with steamed rice,pasta or whole wheat parathas!


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