Reheating Alima's goat curr

Reheating Alima’s Frozen Food Items

Those who have used Alima’s frozen food items know how amazingly fresh the food is after it is reheated. However, not everyone enjoys the best experience and the best food taste. Why? Because when thawing and reheating they do not always follow best practices.

This article gives some basic advice on how our foods should go from frozen to the table.

There are two ways you can reheat:

  1. Slow thaw method.
  2. Reheating from frozen.

Slow thaw

Generally, all foods are better thawed slowly in a refrigerator before final reheating. If you intend to use the item the following day, you can put it in the refrigerator overnight and let it thaw slowly. Then the next day you can do the final reheating.

For rotis (Parathas, Dhalpuris, Aloo-puris).

Remove from plastic packaging, and place in the microwave for thirty seconds. It should be ready to eat now, but you can best judge that. If necessary, place in microwave for another few seconds. If you’re willing to spend a little more time to get the best results, use a frying pan or tawa or griddle for reheating.

For curries, stews, chokas etc.

It is better to place in a small pot or frying pan and reheat.  This gives the product a better ‘finish’ than microwaving. Some items, like chicken for example, or gamey meats like duck, do not microwave well; for some people, they can develop a bad taste after microwaving.

Reheating from frozen

For rotis (Parathas, Dhalpuris, Aloo-puris).

Remove from plastic packaging and place on a plate and then in the microwave. Turn over at thirty-second intervals until nice and hot and soft. Be sure to unroll and flatten the roti after the first 30-second interval.

For curries, stews, chokas etc.

We do not recommend using the microwave. It is better to place the item in a small pot or frying pan, sprinkle some water over it, and let it heat slowly. Do not use too much water as it will impact the taste.

Do you have any reheating tips of your own? Share with us and we’ll include it in our next newsletter!

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