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Is it cheaper and easier to use Alima’s Eat-Easy meals?

What are our ‘Eat-Easy’ meals?


These are pre-packaged, freshly frozen curries, stews, chokas, dal etc, both vegetarian and meat, plus our famous
parathas and dhalpuris. They contain no artificial flavors nor any preservatives. We have produced these
especially for busy moms and dads, young professionals, and students.

Alima’s Eat-Easy meals have become a hit in Toronto. We have identified the factors that make these items so
popular, and today we thought we would share these with those who have not yet tried Alima’s ‘Eat-Easy’ meals.

  • TASTE: Although the items are frozen, when thawed they maintain the same high flavor profile as if they
    were just cooked. One of the reasons for this is that all our items are freshly frozen, in that we make small
    batches at a time, and they do not remain very long in the freezer. Of course, all our items have that
    special “back-home” taste that so many have come to love.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: We do not use any preservatives, natural or artificial. Your items are just plain food,
    as if you have cooked it at home.
  • CONVENIENCE: We have selected the current packaging formats to allow for economy and ease of use.
    Someone may buy a package of an item (mostly 1lb. containers) and use just some of it and leave the rest
    in the fridge for another day. Many students buy these items to take to university or college if they are
    living in. All they need is a small refrigerator and a small stove or microwave, and they have great ‘home-
    cooked’ meals available 24/7. Others take it with them when they go on vacation, in a foreign country or
    just up north at the cottage.
  • COST: The cooks among us would know that meat shrinks about up to 25% on cooking, and vegetables
    shrink sometimes up to 50%. When we cook say, 20 lbs of meat we would get only approximately 15lbs of the
    finished product, and if we cook 20 lbs of some vegetables we would get as low as 12 lbs finished
    product. This is why we sell most of our items by the pound, so that when you purchase one package you
    get one pound after-cooking weight. If you were to cost the cooking vegetables or meat at home, when
    you factor in the product cost, gas, electricity, water, shrinkage etc. you will find that it is cheaper to buy
    from Alima’s, even if you do not include the cost of your own labour. Some of our customers have told us
    that after buying $200 worth of product, they could feed a small family for almost a week.

So next time you think of going to the grocery to stock up on food items, consider using Alima’s “Eat-Easy” food
items. You can pick them up in-store or order online for home delivery.



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