Cottage Collection

Alima’s Cottage Collection

Perfect pre-packed items for your next cottage adventure!

The COVID-19 pandemic has pulled the brakes on vacation travel outside of Canada. Now everyone is trying to vacation locally to the point where it is almost impossible to get a good Ontario cottage to rent.

Those who are lucky enough own a cottage, or get one to rent for a few days, will experience that exhilarating feeling of loading up their vehicle with gear and food, and making that early morning start to drive up to the beautiful ‘North’.

Spending a few days at a lakeside cottage can be very relaxing; except, at times, for poor mom who is still saddled with the responsibility of organizing the meals and making sure that everyone is gastronomically happy.

Alima’s has provided the perfect solution for convenient and super-tasty cottage food that would make mom very happy and maybe even a little jealous.

Many would already have enjoyed our Doubles Travel Pack and our Aloo-pies Travel Pack, and of course our regular Beef Pies and Chicken Pies; this summer you can also enjoy, in addition to those, our new Bake-and-Saltfish Travel Pack, Bake with Minced Chicken Travel Pack, Fry Bake, and our very new Premium Chicken Samosas (Ready to Fry). Then of course we have our Ready-Wraps, Chicken or Beef or Lamb on Paratha or Dhalpuri. For a list of all the yummy items available in our collection, visit:

All items are professionally packed and freshly frozen. When thawed and reheated, they are like “now-cooked”.

For best results, let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator and next morning place in oven or micro as required.

Visit our website for all the goodie details.

For home delivery across the GTA (packaged items only) visit

Happy ‘Cottaging’, enjoy your eating, and, as usual, stay safe!!

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