Packing you Dhalpuri and Paratha orders for freshness.

This may not seem to be a big issue; however, it impacts our customers’ experience with our two most popular products.

Many of our customers are accustomed to picking up Dhalpuris and Parathas (Rotis) “hot” and wrapped in foil.

Some customers who are travelling somewhere sometimes request that we pack these items in plastic, as it is more convenient for travel.

Our considerable experience has taught us that plastic-packing has another benefit, that is the product remains fresher and more moist, and also it does not go ‘flat’ . Most times when these items are packed hot in foil wrapper, they tend to go flat, and less fluffy, especially the Parathas.

How do we plastic pack them? After cooking, the rotis are laid out on a table to cool down. Then we place three or four etc. in a food-grade plastic bag and then the bag is sealed. The bit of air in the plastic forms a cushion so that when a number of these packs go into a bigger bag, the individual rotis (some people say roti-skins) are not flattened.

Recently we have been encouraging customers to try the plastic packaging. Please understand that if we offer plastic packing it does not mean that the items are not fresh. They are freshly and recently cooked.

In the time of COVID-19, there is the additional benefit of safety, as the items are securely packed soon after cooking, and remain so in your home until you unpack them to reheat.

Next time you order Parathas or Dhalpuris, request plastic packing, you will definitely see the benefits.

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