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The Pleasure and Stress of Preparing Meals

And, how Alima’s can help.

The COVID-19 lockdown afforded many of us the opportunity to enjoy the preparation of meals at home on a regular basis, without the stress of work schedules, getting children up and ready for school, and managing time critical household chores. 

One of the greatest pleasures of family life is sitting down together for a hot meal just off the stove. The aroma of our preferred spices fills the air, and wafts from room to room, causing our gastric juices to spike. We dig in to our dishes, and reach over time and again to get refills, while enjoying the banter of conversation.

But how often do we really get this opportunity? The reality of life in the big city is that most of the time we are scrambling to get meals on the table, or a sandwich to take to work. The poor mom is usually burdened with this chore. She has to bear the brunt of meal preparation in the mornings and evenings; she has to find food for her kids to take to school. She has to do house work, then go off to her own job.

It is not always pleasurable to make meals; actually it can be quite stressful for the primary home-maker. As a family we need to strategize about meal preparation, so that we can make our lives less stressful. We spend a significant portion of our day preparing to eat, and eating.

A great strategy we can adopt is to bring in food that is healthy and nutritious, relatively cheap and acceptable to the whole family. If we could introduce a meal plan that allows for ‘outside’ food, it would make everyone’s life less stressful; especially moms.

One of our objectives at Alima’s, beyond making great rotis, is to make eating easy for families. So over the last three years we have been gradually introducing new food items which are very healthy, tasty, without preservatives, nicely packaged and freshly frozen. We call it out “Eat-Easy” line.

Of late we have added items not traditionally found at Alima’s, like Jerk Chicken , Alima’s Special Oven-baked “BBQ” chicken , Sauteed Minced Chicken and Beef , a wide variety of vegetables , and recently, a line of items which are ideal for a snack or for taking to work or school our “ Lunch Kit Line ”, like Bake ‘n Saltfish, Chicken Bake, Fish bake, Doubles Travel Pack, Aloo Pies Travel Pack, Ready to go Roti Wraps etc.

We shall be adding to our menu regularly.

We also offer a weekly home-delivery service in the GTA using our online-ordering platform, and our efficient delivery service with delivery vehicle tracking and SMS reminder messages.

We have put great effort into making life a little less stressful for you. You would enjoy this benefit by going online just once a week and placing your order. We take care of the rest. 

Let us be your partner in the kitchen.

Visit and enjoy.

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