Covid-19 In-Store Arrangements

Covid-19 In-Store Arrangements- Please help us!

Many Customers….. Small Service Area…… Help Needed.

Dear Customer, please help us . . . .  

The Covid-19 situation makes safety demands of us which we are not accustomed to.  At Alima’s we have had to make adjustments which, at times, are hard to manage. So we are soliciting the help of our valued customers.
We know that some people sincerely believe  that COVID-19 Crisis is just nonsense. We value all opinions;  however any company operating a store which caters to the public now has to plan very carefully for the safety of customers and staff, and also conform to  the regulations  established by the city and province. Businesses have been fined heavily for not complying. So we kindly ask all customers to please follow the instructions and have patience as we process all customers as quickly as possible.
For those who have visited our store, you will know that our store-front is very small, and our customer base is large, so it has become particularly challenging for us to manage customer-flow.
Also, we are located in a condominium complex, with rules and regulations. Eg. Just outside our front door is a busy driveway – and we are not allowed to line up across the driveway.
So you can see the predicament.
To process customers quickly, so we have made some guidelines which will help you, and all of us. These notes have been prompted by situations which we experienced in-store since we reopened.
• Please observe all the signs for safety and distancing. Please follow the instruction of staff.
• We can accommodate only five (5) customers (total) at a time. So please, one person in the family should come in, and ask the rest of the family to remain in the car.
• Please try to decide what you want to purchase, before coming up to the counter.
• Face masks are now mandatory.
• If it is very busy, when you do come to the counter and order, staff may take your payment and ask you to wait in your car, and our staff will deliver your order to your car.
• You need to join the line whether your order was just placed on the phone, or was placed long before.
• If you have received your order and exited, and you decide then that you need something else, you would need to join the line again.
• Please do not stand and eat at the counter.
• Please park in the designated parking area and not alongside the store.
• If a line up starts, please line up along the building (not across the driveway).
• TO AVOID THE LINE-UP: You can place your order on the phone and pay by credit card at the same time. When you arrive at the store you can call us and we shall deliver your order to your car.

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