Curb-side pickup service process



Most of our customers know that on busy days like Fridays and Saturdays and on holiday weekends, the store gets so busy that we have a line-up outside the store. Before COVID-19 protocols were introduced we would have sometimes up to twenty persons at a time in the store. Now regulations allow us a maximum five persons, so the lineup in inevitable. We are grateful to our many customers who understand and wait patiently in line for service.

To make it much easier for our customers, we have been working feverishly on a new order/pickup service. Using this new service you can order online at least one hour before your desired pickup time and then come to the parking lot, call a special number, and your order will be delivered to your car.

You can order for today and tomorrow only. For orders that are further away than that, please call in.

How it works: When you order and pay online, you will receive an email or text notification, with your selected pickup time, an Order Number, a telephone number to call when you arrive, and a map of the parking lot showing you where you should park. It is very simple.

There are a few important limitations to note:

1. The Online Store closes at 4.00 pm each day, this is because inventory starts getting low at this time and we cannot guarantee that we will have all items still available.

2. The Online Store will be closed on extremely busy days like Christmas Eve etc. This is because that by the time that day comes, we are already fully booked.

3. If you need to place larger orders, (for example, 20 parathas, or 15 Roti Wraps, or 36 Pastry), then it would be better to call into the store to ensure that we can fulfill the order, before you place your online order.

We know that this service will be much appreciated by many customers. We would kindly request that you share your user-experience in using the site with us, so we can improve it for you.

To use this service, visit


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