Covid-19 In-Store Arrangements

The Second Wave – is Alima’s prepared?


We all would have had the best advice from the specialists dealing with this critical challenge, and, we all would be getting clips and bits each day from Dr. Youtube and Dr. Facebook keeping us up to date with the latest remedies.

We urge you, as we urge our own selves, to observe the basics: Stay away from crowds and crowded spaces; jealously guard your own space and maintain proper social distancing; wear a clean mask (properly); wash and wash and wash your hands at every opportunity; protect and teach your family.

At Alima’s we have our own family of employees, and we are trying our best to observe these basics, and we also have our extended family, which is you our dear customers.

We have taken the required steps to maintain the protocols at the store; maximum five persons in the store at any one time; sanitizing station; masks mandatory; fast processing of orders so you do not have to remain in the store longer than you have to.

However, we confess that it is not easy. We do not always get the cooperation from some customers. So we would like to remind you of some behaviours which would help us maintain a safe environment, and request that you please try your best to cooperate for your own safety and the safety of others.

1. Remember your mask. Even if you have a ‘health condition’ please wear the mask while in the store, it is just a few minutes.

2. Use our sanitizing station.

3. Let one member of the family come in to get the order, and encourage others to remain in the bus.

4. If there are five persons already in the store, please remain in line outside.

5. When you are picking up an order, the staff will ask you for a name and telephone number. Please use the same name and number under which the order was placed. When someone comes with a different name or number (you would not believe how often this happens), it can sometimes take ten to fifteen minutes to find the order. Remember that on busy days we have a couple of hundred orders and we have multiple Indra’s and Ali’s and Mary’s. So when a wrong reference is used it slows the flow, and other customers end up waiting in the line for a long time.

6. To avoid waiting in line, use our new Curbside Pickup Service. You can avail yourself of it by ordering online at Those who have used this service really like how smoothly it works. There are a few ordering considerations which you can find on the site.

We thank you for being great customers, and we commit ourselves to providing you with the best service. We are not always 100%, but we try our best.

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