Alima's lunch box lineup.

Back-to-School With Alima’s Lunch Box Lineup!

Lunchtime just got an Alima’s upgrade! Our Lunch Box Lineup offers a tantalizing collection of Caribbean favourites that will make your taste buds happy! Each item is prepackaged and individually frozen, ensuring a quick and easy meal option that’s perfect for school, work, or any time you crave a Caribbean-inspired feast.

  1. Chicken Pies
    Unbox the flavours of Trinidad with our delicious chicken pies. Every bite of these 12 frozen pieces is filled with authentic Trinidadian-style seasoning, made using the highest quality boneless chicken. Simply thaw, heat, and enjoy the authentic taste.

    Lunch Box Lineup - Salt fish and bake
    Salt Fish and Bake.
  2. Beef Pies
    Can’t get enough of our pies? Meet its equally tempting counterpart: the Beef Pie. Crafted in the genuine Trinidadian style, these 12 frozen pieces burst with savoury goodness, housing a generous filling of boneless beef.
  3. Bake and Saltfish
    Savour the taste of sautéed salted cod, perfectly fried with tomatoes, onions, and that zesty touch of hot Jamaican pepper. Encased in the ever-popular Caribbean “Bake”, this fried dough bread captures the essence of island cuisine.
  4. Doubles Travel Pack
    A taste so incredible, it has crossed borders! “Doubles” is not just a Trinidadian delight but has found love in North American hearts too. This sandwich boasts delicately seasoned chickpeas and the tangy flavour of Shadon-Beny/Tamarind chutney, all sandwiched between delightful fried dough buns. Choose your heat level – “Hot” for the daring or “Mild” for a subtle kick.
  5. Aloo Pie Travel Pack
    8 pieces of pure Caribbean joy! Aloo Pies, the celebrated potato fritters of the islands, can be the star of your lunchbox. Relish them with tamarind chutney or get creative by adding fillings like Channa, veggies, meat, and some spicy tamarind and hot sauce. Innovation has never tasted so good!
  6. Ready Wraps
    Your favourite curries just found their perfect partner! Whether you’re a fan of beef, chicken, or lamb, we’ve wrapped them in your choice of dhalpuri or paratha. Each package comes with two wraps that are perfect for lunch.

Reheating Instructions:
To enjoy the best taste and texture of our Lunch Box Lineup, allow your treats to thaw at room temperature before heating them in the oven or microwave. Please note, for your safety: Do not thaw and refreeze. It is not food-safe.

Don’t let the monotony of regular lunches dull your days. Dive into the exotic flavours of Alima’s Roti and Pastry’s Lunch Box Lineup and add some Caribbean zest to your routine!

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