Family and friends camping near lake

Going to the cottage or down to the US?

You don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing meals. Well, just take it easy and “Eat-Easy”with Alima’s.

Our Eat-Easy line of freshly frozen, professionallypackaged, almost home-cooked foods is just what you need to unwind; and wow yourfamily or guests.

Check it out. Thisstuff is seriously yummy.

1. Six-PackDoubles.
Mild or hot, your choice. Eat our individually wrapped doubles on the road, in the plane or at the cottage. They are the perfect hunger-buster. We recommend bringing a few extra napkins for those whoare afraid to lick their fingers!

2. ReadyWraps
For the perfect combination of taste and convenience, try our Ready (Roti) Wraps.Tasty curried chicken or beef wrapped in our famous dhalpuris or parathas.Simply thaw, heat and serve. Pro-tip, you can even re-heat these on yourcamping stove!

3. Convenience Pack Roti (flatbreads)
We know that a good “fireside” curry isdefinitely on the menu when you hit the camping grounds but leave the rollingpin at home and pack a pack or two of your favourite roti. Choose from ourselection of Paratha, Dhalpuri or Aloo Puri. A perfect accompaniment to any vegor meat including Kabobs, Hot Dogs, Paratha Pizza – this stuff is so versatile.

4. Vegetarian Curries and Chokas.
Need to serve up some vegetarian options?Our assortment of curries and chokas are perfect for lakeside eating. Defrost overnightand warm on the grill; or just throw frozen into the frying pan and marvel atthe flavours that suddenly fill the air. Within a few minutes you and the gangwill be enjoying a delicious Caribbean meal.

5. CassavaPone
Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth by picking up a few pieces of Cassava Pone. Thischewy delicacy is the perfect combination of spices and is enjoyed by everyone.Perfect for overnight trips as they retain their freshness and great taste fordays in any environment. This is just one of the many Caribbean inspired “sweets” that we are serve, check out our entire selection by visiting our website .

Spend less time behind the stoveand more time enjoying your vacation. If you’re placing orders for the weekend,we advise you do so a few days ahead of time to avoid any disappointments.905-791-7684

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