Kurma and Barfi

Picnic Perfect

A few of our favourite Alima’s snacks to help you serve up some deliciousness this summer.

Yes, it is that time of the year again and we are excited to be spending the time outdoors with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting a Barbecue, visiting the park or taking a trip to the beach, our Alima’s favourites are the perfect snacks to add to your table or blanket!

These little balls of deliciousness are perfect for long car rides and to quiet those “are we there yet?” questions. Made from ground chickpeas and fried to golden perfection, these little guys can be served with tamarind sauce or pepper sauce to spice things up.

Potato Balls
Skip the French Fries and serve up some of our tasty potato balls. With seasoned potatoes coated to give them a crispy layer, they are deep fried to bite size, great for little hands who love big taste. Serve with tamarind sauce, home-made mango sour or simple pepper sauce.

Premium Chicken Samosas
New our menu, our ready-to-fry samosas use a handmade wrapper resulting in a lasting crispy shell. Inside is an in-house cooked, seasoned and ground chicken filling (all meat, no fat or fillers, really premium). Sold frozen, these are perfect to have in your freezer for when you have unexpected guests. Just pull out the frying pan. You can serve these with our tasty tamarind sauce.

Nothing beats a good chicken or beef pie. Baked to crispy light brown with our in-house ground beef and chicken, these guys can stay fresh long and are perfect for picnics or beach days.

Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth? Try a gulab or two. A beloved Trinidadian specialty, these are fried until golden brown then drenched in our secret Alima’s syrup.

Another native of Trinidad, barfi is made from milk and coconut and topped with sprinkles. This sweet treat is loved by kids and adults alike.

Cassava Pone
Looking to wow guests with something different, serve them some Cassava Pone. Baked with grated cassava and flavoured with Caribbean spices, these can be sliced into smaller portions for a bite size appetizer or dessert.

There you go! Be sure to call and place your orders ahead of time 905-791-7684 . We hope you enjoy these favourites all through your summer and remember to keep hydrated as you spend time outside.


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