Ready wrap in a box and one outside on wooden board

Roti x2 is the Perfect Lunchbox Staple!

One day recently I met a good friend who, after greeting me, said somewhat excitedly, “I was at Alima’s recently”.

“Great” I said, “why did you not ask for me”?

He went on to explain that he was in a hurry (as usual) and he just had to get his ‘supplies’ quickly and head out.

“What supplies?” I ventured. A year ago he had not heard of Roti, but somehow he started coming by to pick up a wrap or two every so often. He says he likes it a lot.

 Yet, I could not imagine what he meant by ‘supplies’. He travels a lot for work, travelling once a week to the US, or somewhere in Canada, so the only supplies he might need maybe is related to travel.

He elaborated excitedly “ROTI by Two”. I got it. This is our packaged Roti wraps (Chicken or Beef) which is conveniently packaged and frozen. We introduced that item as a meal solution for travellers, students or anyone who is always on the move. It is called “ROTI x2” because two individually wrapped and sealed roti wraps are in the package.

“So how many did you get?” I asked, expecting him to say two or three. “Six” he said excitedly.

“Six packs?” I asked. “Yes” he said, “it is soo easy, I take one or two to work each day, I let it thaw in the fridge at work or in the hotel, then I microwave it when I am hungry”.

I imagined him walking out of the shop with six packs of ROTI x2, with his usual smile on his face, and I felt happy that our idea was really helping some people. This is an item that we have not really promoted, but it is moving steadily. We should really promote this some more, I thought.

Now that September is here and students are moving back to university, we thought that it would be a good time to let you know about “ROTI x2”, and we are offering our dear and loyal recipients of the Alima’s Newsletter, a FREE pack of ROTI x2 (Either chicken of Beef – no mixed pack). Please use the coupon attached and come in by September 30 to try this very practical and great-tasting meal solution.

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