Beef pie, chicken pie, cheese roll and pine tart

Snack Ideas Perfect for Any Lunch Bag!

No matter the size of your lunch bag, a delicious snack can perk you up and get your geared up for the rest of your day. This month we shared a few sweet and savory favourites that will make every member of your family happy that you choose Alima’s!

It’s Monday morning and oh-oh you are tired of shipping yourfamily out of the door with those pre-packed snacks, no problem! Your trustedfriends at Alima’s have you covered, our selection of sweet and savory snackswill make a great attention to any lunch bag.

Let’s get you going with a few of our savory choices thatare loved by both kids and adults.

1. Our Cheese Rolls are made with 100% realcheddar cheese with none of the added fillers! A native of Guyana, these aremade from pastry dough and are slightly spicy. Add a few pieces of yourfavourite fruits and you’ll be happy until your next meal!

2. Our Beef and Chicken patties are a hitwith just about everyone! Our signature Alima’s pastry dough is filled with mincedbeef or chicken that we mince in-house to ensure you get 100% meat. We loveadding some carrots or cucumbers to give us our needed serving of veggies!

3. Who doesn’t love a Trinidadian Doubles !Our Bara is fried fresh and served with our signature sauce and chickpeas. Try ourfrozen packs for more convenience.

4. If you love potatoes, you’ll love our AlooPie. Packed with mashed potatoes that are seasoned with just the rightamount spices this delicious snack is best served with a bit of tamarind sauce.


If you have a sweet tooth then these yummy treats will perkyou up and keep you focused until your next meal.

1. Made from fresh pineapple our PineTarts are a wonderful combination of flaky dough and pineapple jamensuring that you get a mouthful of sweetness in every bite! Served with a sideof fruits or nuts and you’re good to go!

2. If you’re looking for a snack that’ll transportyou back to the Caribbean with every bite then try our Guava Turnovers. Theselittle guys are filled with our home-made guava jam baked inside of a deliciouslyfluffy pastry.

3. A popular snack among Trinidadians and Guyanese isour CoconutRolls are made from sweetened shredded coconut wrapped in a flakypastry dough. The difference between the Trinidadian Coconut Roll and theGuyanese Salara, although made with similar ingredients, is that the Salara ismade with a bread dough, and the Coconut Roll made with a pastry dough with aheavier dosage of coconut. Both are seriously yummy!

4. Looking to try something unique? Then give our Black-eyeBean Cake a go. Made with a thick and tasty pastry dough filled withblack-eye bean and baked to a golden perfection, who would think that black-eyedbeans would taste this good!

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