Food Care

At Alima’s® we go to great lengths in order to maintain very hygienic facilities, to continuously train staff on food-handling, and to ensure that when we deliver to you, the food quality is exceptional. 

 We offer these advices on food-handling and care to our valued customers to make sure that you continue to enjoy our great meals days and weeks after you’ve purchased it. Please keep the following in mind:

  • If you are not going to consume your meal or pastry immediately after purchasing, please consider refrigerating it.
  • If you buy Curries (meat or vegetarian) and you are not going to consume it the same day or night, open the container so that it cools down and then refrigerate. If, for example, you buy hot items in a styro-foam container or a foil tray, and you put it in the refrigerator still sealed, chances are it is going to remain hot for many hours, even in the fridge, and may go bad. So cool it down first then refrigerate.
  • Dhalpuri is a very delicate item, because of the ground split peas. Therefore, extra care and precaution should be taken.  
  • In hot summer months, please do not leave food items in your car for hours. It may go bad. 
  • When using our “Eat-Easy” (frozen) products, thaw only the portion you want to use immediately


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