We offer a variety of West Indian flatbreads, curries, stews, chokas, and pastries including our signature dhalpuri and paratha. Our meals are inspired by Trinidadian  and Guyanese cuisine.

We have always used only halaal meat from well-known suppliers including Sargent Farms and Nu-Makkah Halal.  Also, we check all our non-meat ingredients to make sure they do not contain any item which is considered non-halal. We do not use alcohol in any of our products. For more information please feel free to contact us.

No, our store front is located at 13 Kenview Blvd in Brampton. However, our scheduled home delivery service delivers your favourite Alima’s dishes across the GTA. Orders are placed online at www.orderfromalimas.ca

There is no minimum purchase amount or fee for pickup.

You can find our menu for our restaurant here: https://www.alimas.ca/menu

You can find all of our items at our store at 13 Kenview Blvd in Brampton or online at www.orderfromalimas.ca You can find a list of retailers that carry our parathas and dhalpuris here: https://www.alimas.ca/where-to-buy

Our items are not gluten free.

In our foods we use two types of oil. Generally for all foods we use soya oil.
In our parathas we use olive oil, and some soy oil when we are cooking them.

We do not use preservatives, food colouring, artificial flavours or MSG in our foods.
However there are some packaged items that we purchase from third parties, like the bottled condiments, and these may or may not have preservatives or food colouring. If you wish to get this information on any specific product, please email us at {customers@orderfromalimas.ca}

We do not process any nuts in the store. We do sell peanuts which come sealed in a bottle. It is packaged by another company. We still do wipe the bottles as we take them out of the carton.  We do not allow staff to bring any nuts into the premises. If you have any further concerns please leave us a note with your email address and we shall get back to you.

Of all the items on our menu, we use eggs in two.

1. The cakes (Sponge, Light Fruit and Black Cake).
2. Mayan Cassava Pudding. (not the cassava pone).

On our pastry we use a wash of milk and yellow food coloring, no eggs.

We use milk in or on our pastry and in our rotis (dhalpuris, parathas and aloo puris).
There is no milk in the curries, stews, chokas etc.
Some minute quantity of cheese (extract) may be used in our rotis.

Our food is generally mildly spiced. Some items are hotter that others. We try to achieve a balance in spice level so that we can maintain great taste yet allow children to eat.
Having said that, we cannot possibly measure or gauge the tastes of all individuals in a large population, so we cannot make any guarantees of mildness or of heat.

For store pickup you need to call our main number 905-791-7684.
You can also enjoy curbside pickup at the store by using our special curbside website www.pickupAlimas.ca
If you want to enjoy scheduled home delivery, you would need to place your orders at www.orderfromalimas.ca

Eighty percent of our menu is prepared fresh daily. Our Eat-Easy line offers freshly frozen meals prepackaged for convenience and longevity.


We offer digital gift cards for OrderfromAlimas.ca and PickupAlimas.ca.
Gift cards bought from both sites can only be used for the respective site.

When you purchase a digital gift card on a site, you receive an email containing a code. You can then forward that email to any one you like. The recipient can use that code when they are placing an order.

No. Your digital gift cards cannot be redeemed in the store.
The OrderFromAlimas.ca  Gift card is a digital card that is recorded only on the OrderFromAlimas.ca site, and as such it can be used only on that site.
Similarly digital gift cards purchased on PickUpAlimas.ca site  can only be redeemed on that site.

No. Gifts cards are not redeemable for cash.

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